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Coherence and Executive Coaching

The focus of Coherence coaching is to help you identify and remove the emotional blocks that hinder your business and professional development. 

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Coherence Coaching is more than coping skills for outmaneuvering your professional blocks. Instead, it will help overcome them and sustain transformational change. 

Our Executive coaching consists of weekly 1-on-1 sessions.

A 1-on-1 weekly approach provides you the attention and accountability needed to learn to manage your blocks and remove them entirely with sustained permanent change. The goal of coherence coaching is not to offer skills and support with professional organization or business management. Instead, your coherence coach will work directly with you to identify and completely erase the professional or emotional block preventing you from reaching your full potential. 

Duration of Sessions and Coaching Fees

Each coaching session will be 50 minutes in length. These will be conducted either in person or via Zoom. There will be an initial 60 min consult to identify the blocks, areas for change, and expectations of the coaching relationship.

$250/50 min Coherence Coaching 

*The number of recommended sessions will be a collaborative effort in the initial consult. 


We look forward to working with you. Send us an email. 


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