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Intensive Couples and Family Sessions consist of two separate 6-hour sessions. For a total of 12 hours.

Couples and Family Therapy Intensives are a personalized program– one on one, with just you and your partner for 6 hours all at once — designed to bring you immediate, powerful relationship growth, and structured according to your particular needs.

These services are geared toward couples and families in crisis and in need of immediate intervention. Or for those who are not always in the same city and require multiple session hours in a single day. Intensive sessions can be stand-alone or supplement weekly/biweekly therapy. 

Intensive sessions must be held in person. We can determine the location at the time of scheduling based on need and comfort level. Options for the site include the therapist's office or your home. Privacy and confidentiality are a factor when considering the location. Contact for further details regarding meeting location.  

What's the Format?

The format of the 6 hours can vary case by case but typically will consist of two 150 min sessions with a 1-hour break. 

Common problems include:


Recovery from infidelity, emotional detachment, parent-child estrangement, parenting issues, sexual intimacy/compatibility, loss & grieving, management of  chronic illness, alcoholism and addiction, adult-children dynamics, experiences of loss, ineffective communication

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Intensive Counseling Session Fees 

  • 2 - 6 Hour Intensive Couples Session - $3,000

  • 2 - 6 Hour Intensive Family Session - $4,500 

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