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Josh Killam, LPC

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   At times life can feel burdensome and unmanageable. Our natural reaction can be to expend all of our energy protecting ourselves, pushing back, and hiding behind masks. As human beings, we possess an unyielding potential to be open to experiences, to give and receive love, and to discover our whole selves. We have a past, experience the present, and hope for the future. Your journey can begin with recognizing your past as valuable, embracing the now, and planning for a more fulfilling future. 

   As Carl Rogers says, only when we discover that we are loved for who we are, not whom we pretend to be, can we become a person worthy of love. My goal as a therapist is to walk with you along your path to fulfilling your capacity to be human, give and receive love, and care, comfort yourself and others, and embrace all of life. I see myself as your companion traveler. To be genuinely Human is so profound and beautiful; I want to share in the journey to becoming your whole self. 

    I look forward to meeting you exactly where you are and joining in your discovery of becoming a whole you. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. From there, I went on to earn my Master of Arts in Counseling from Houston Baptist University. After graduate school, I participated in a two-year internship in a group practice here in Austin, TX, to obtain a license to practice counseling. I take an integrative experiential approach to psychotherapy with a focus on Coherence Therapy.  With parent coaching and families, I take a systems approach using Positive Discipline to build sustainable relationships within families. 

    My clinical experience focuses on individuals in all stages of life struggling to find meaning and purpose in their life due to childhood neglect and or trauma. I work to treasure your feelings, whether they are sadness or shame, anger or joy, and work to help you move to understand yourself more deeply. My hope is not that we find answers to why you are the way you are. Instead, we learn to accept all of you. When we welcome all of ourselves, we make space to become our most authentic selves. 

Areas of Expertise: 

– Family Therapy

– Estranged Families 

– Anxiety & Depression

– Trauma/PTSD

– Divorce/Life Transitions

– Attachment Trauma

– Eating Disorders

– Addiction/Substance Abuse

– Mood Disorders

Therapy Modalities Include: 

- Certified Practitioner of Coherence Therapy

- Person-Centered Therapy 

- Integrative Experiential Psychotherapy 

Counseling Fees

$185/ 50 Min Individual and Couples/Family Session

$185/ 50 Min Coherence Coaching Session

*I do not accept insurance. I am, however, able to offer a Superbill for out-of-network billing.

Sliding Scale available. 

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