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Positive Discipline Parenting Workshops

Positive Discipline assists parents in understanding the underlying reasons for a child's misbehavior and incorporates respect, love, and firmness into discipline. The workshop provides parents with the needed tools to create a home environment strengthened by mutual respect, cooperation, and communication.


It's for parents seeking long-term parenting skills to encourage their children to become responsible individuals and have greater respect for themselves and others. Learn new and practical parenting tools to take home that you can start using right away to

more effectively manage challenges in your home and assist children in developing:


Problem-Solving Skills Self-Esteem

Communication Skills Self-Discipline

Essential Life Skills

For more info on Positive Discipline check out their website here.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next Positive Discipline Workshop will be held on Friday, June 2nd, from 9 am- 5 pm. To register, submit your form below. 


*We hold Parenting Workshops every 3 months. If the above date has passed, please submit a form letting us know your interest in the next workshop.

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